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Global Eye 2.0 is a provisioning middleware for cloud and on-premise communication services (such as Office 365, MS Teams, Webex, Zoom, GPN-Jitsi, Skype for Business 2022, Exchange, Big Blue Button …). Provisioning requests can be received from a variety of different front-ends via HTTPS and executed on the communication services. Global Eye 2.0 does this by implementing a back-end solution for each service, accessed through our API platform. This allows GPN-Telecom to quickly extend the capabilities of Global Eye 2.0 to provide other services as well. 
Our system is built to be multi-tenant and multi-vendor, making it the ideal solution for carriers, as well as companies with deep structure!


EU Data Protection Carrier Grade Security


As the operator of Global Eye 2.0, GPN Telecom complies with all local (Austrian and European) data protection guidelines and data protection laws. Our customers know where their data is located. There is no covert transfer to third countries or unauthorised access for commercial purposes. Your data remains your data, there is no way around it with us!

Global Eye 2.0 is delivered in carrier-grade quality, so redundancy and resilience are top priority! Our services are always available for you. 24/7/365 is a living reality for us!

Advantages Global Eye2.0


The advantages of Global Eye 2.0 are manifold. Single Sign On significantly simplifies the everyday work of your employees in the use of the systems provisioned to them, such as Teams/Office 365, Skype for Business 2022, Webex, Exchange, GPN-Jitsi, Big Blue Button and Zoom.

The simple user interface, with simultaneous multi-client and multi-vendor capability, allows you to rationally administer your users and map the most complex company structures.

Thanks to the intelligent interface management, other UCC systems can also be easily integrated into the platform!

Uniform provisioning

Provisioning system for the most important UCC systems!

Multi-client Multivendor

Provisioning via deeply subdivided company structures or via several reseller levels.

Interface management

Connection to different company systems through integrated interface management.

Simple operation Single Sign On (SSO)

A clear and simple UI significantly reduces the workload and creates an overview even in complex organisations.


Founded in 2008, we operate Global Eye 1.0, one of the largest, fully integrated MS-VOIP platforms for several thousand satisfied European users! With Global Eye 2.0, we are consistently expanding our platform as a provisioning system for the most important UCC systems in order to be able to continue to successfully shape the path into the future for our customers!